Your renovation project is front and centre with us

Work teams are organised to ensure smooth operations throughout the project, beginning early on with the analysis and preparation, during the management of the work on site and finally upon delivery of the space.

We begin with a design phase

Architectural and engineering consultants conduct detailed analysis of the plans. An overall synthesis is established by collecting all the elements of the various components, including captive utilities (sprinklers, fire detectors, escalators, elevators, etc.). The teams perform the synthesis of the work, monitoring the dimensions and consistency of all the various components.

They plan the production of work drawings to be done and consult with subcontractors. The schedule of work execution is detailed and validated in concert with the work teams, subcontractors, contractor and client.

Consulting firms also provide the organisation with notes (environmental management of site, waste management plan, etc.) and certain administrative procedures with institutional partners (energy and road suppliers, regulatory bodies, etc.).

In parallel, the work team plans supplies and prepares the orders.

Managing and coordinating work

Consulting firms are responsible for updating plans and maintaining logbooks of the work executed.

Work teams ensure that operations are carried out accordingly and make regular reports during site meetings and if there are any unforeseen decisions to be made. The teams work in constant consultation with the principle execution contractor and the client.

All administrative tasks and coordination with the various institutional authorities (shopping centre, roads, police, energy suppliers, etc.) are managed before the work begins as much as possible, as well as throughout the execution of work.

Planning meetings with the foreman and team leaders are conducted weekly to supervise the required work tasks.

Delivery and follow-up to achieve complete satisfaction!

Depending on the project and the type of renovation, a pre-delivery is organised to ensure the space complies with regulatory standards. This pre-delivery also permits an assessment of any adjustments to be made. When the big day comes, the space can be opened to the public!

The File of Work Executed (FWE), provided upon completion of the work, contains all the general plans and execution plans of the entire space.