From a dream to reality

Expertise that allows you to see the space imagined by the architect to enchant the public.

amc² has many strengths to assist you:

  • Sense of aesthetics and attention to detail

The ability to interpret the needs of architects and clients so that craftsmen and journeymen can understand them and to achieve the expected results – this is what makes the amc² team stand out. Each different trade and profession is aware of the importance of detail and the aesthetics of the architectural concept that characterises the space to refit.

Renovation work is executed by tradesmen, Guildsmen and technicians who produce quality work. Our plasterers take pride in adjusting and correcting ceilings or walls as a team to meet specifications, and our electricians revel in the challenge of designing an electrical box where there once was a mess of hundreds of entangled wires used to light a space.

  • Attentiveness and adaptability

Through their ability to listen, exchange and anticipate well beyond the planned organisation stage, our dedicated project team can react quickly and adapt to problems encountered, all in consultation with the project manager and client. In this manner, personnel and materials are constantly adjusted according to the progress of the work and the timetable requirements.

At amc², hierarchical levels are closely connected and offer high adaptability in terms of decision-making and implementation.

  • Ingenuity and inventiveness

Throughout the project, the women and men who make up the teams also know how to adapt and be innovative in devising technical solutions to problems encountered during projects.

Increasingly aware of their surroundings, teams are changing their professional practices to move towards a more respectful approach to the environment, including waste management, better use of natural resources, more comfort and hygiene, use of eco-labelled materials and quieter tools.

  • Supervising overall operations

Before work begins, consultants for the architectural and technical components conduct detailed analysis of plans. They consolidate their efforts to collect all the elements of the various components, including captive components such as sprinklers, fire detectors, escalators, elevators, etc.). They monitor dimensions and consistency of all work components and plan the production of execution drawings and consult subcontractors. The execution timetable is detailed and validated in consultation with the work teams, contractor and client, in addition to the subcontractors.

Consultants are also responsible for documents to be produced (environmental management requirements, waste management plan, etc.) as well as certain administrative procedures with regulatory bodies and energy suppliers.

In parallel, the work team plans supplies and prepares the orders.


During the work, the work teams ensure smooth running of operations and submit regular reports during site meetings, according to needs and any difficulties encountered. The teams work in constant consultation with the principle contractor and the client. Depending on the size of the projects, a planning meeting is conducted weekly with the foreman and team leaders to monitor the tasks executed.

Delivery and follow-up: for projects that require a pre-delivery to be organised to ensure regulatory compliance of a space that will be open to the public, the File of Work Executed (FWE) provided upon completion of the work contains general and implementation plans of the space. Consultants are responsible for updating plans and maintaining a register of works executed.